PAW SALVATION INC is a nonprofit organization with its 501(c)3 tax-exempt status, our sole aim is to help care for the homeless people who own pets . Caring for these pets gives the homeless person one less thing to worry about when it comes to welfare of his or her companion . We are fully aware of the emotional support these pets provide for homeless individuals as such we are devoted to ensuring that this unique bond is preserved . We also care for our SENIORS and VETERANS who own pets and need some sort of assistance with the up keep of their pets.

In this regard PAW SALVATION INC goes out to the streets downtown , alleyways and corners to search and provide for this homeless individuals pets with FOOD , TOYS , TREATS & COMFORTABLE BEDDING for their pets . And for the seniors and veterans we go by their homes and drop off food, toys and treats and make sure their pets are doing just fine .. and in no distant time we would be providing vet care assistance for them as well, knowing healthy meals alone doesn’t cut it. We go out once a week to provide meals for the homeless pets understanding they do not have storage so we always have to go out every other week so we not only replenish the pets meals but also check up on them and their furry babies making sure they are okay.

Simple basic compassion and understanding that these pets didn’t choose this LIFE but regardless of their living conditions the pets remains loyal and devoted to their human owners and as such we only thought it was right to find how to care for them and give their human owners ONE LESS THING TO WORRY ABOUT.