PAW SALVATION INC is a nonprofit organization and has its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Our sole aim is to help care for homeless people who own animals as a companion and as a support system

Little or no attention is being paid to this class of people .We totally understand why they can not relinquish these pets to the pound or shelter because honestly regardless of what their present situation is, they still find hope and a reason to keep pushing and believing that all is not lost because of their loyal Pet .

In this regard PAW SALVATION INC goes out to the streets and corners every day to search and provide them with food, toys, treats, comfortable beds, and other accessories. We go out once a month to groom these pets. Home grooming is a very essential part of their existence and as such we know feeding alone wouldn't make this complete.

Simple basic compassion, understanding that these pets didn't choose this life but they will remain loyal to their human owner and as such we only thought it was right to find how to care for them and give their human owners one less thing to worry about.